BBQ bone marrow on sourdough

Bone Marrow has been desribed as “gods butter” and you can really see this in this recipe, these were wonderful beef marrow bones, that had been dry aged, the bones were cut in half lengthways, and are really rich, one large bone is enough per person.

I sprinkled the marrow with a little barbecue rub and popped on a medium barbecue with a chunk of apple wood to smoke, make sure the coals are to one side and not directly underneath the bones. Pop the lid of the barbecue on and let smoke for 5-8 minutes before the marrow all melts out, but is warmed through and crisping on the edges.

I toasted a couple of slices of sourdough bread on the grill, and spread the marrow onto the toast, sprinkled with a pinch of finely chopped parsley, and a quick squeeze of lime.

The taste was rich and beefy and the marrow melted in your mouth, the lime just cut perfectly through any fattiness.


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