DIY Fire Pit Grill – Grilling a Rump Steak

A DIY Fire Pit Grill is a great way to cook, it really is back to basics cooking, a fire pit is a great addition, but by adding a large grill grate on top you turn it into a DIY fire pit grill combo, now you have lots more options, you can cook your meal, and then sit around after in the warmth of a wood fire, and do things like toast marshmallows.

Building our was simply a matter of pulling together some large rocks from a recent building project, into a ring, filling the inside with some smaller stones. You’ll need some even flat stones for the top ring. I will be creating a flat hearth with some clay soon. Then it’s simply a case of finding a suitable grill grate to sit over the top and get cooking.

Here I cook a thick rump steak in the embers above a hardwood fire, beech and birch.

I simply coat the steak with coarse rock salt and coarse ground black pepper, and then place on the grate over a medium heat, until the outside of the steak is nicely seared, and the inside hits 47c for a nice rare steak.

Allow the steak to rest and slice into nice thick slices.

Make sure to check out the video for the full cook below.

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