Top Tips for Perfect BBQ

Summer is just around the corner, and that means the return of the British barbeque! Sunny evenings with great food, family and friends are on the menu, and we are sharing our top tips on how to have the perfect barbeque!






Get Your Equipment Ready
If you want to upgrade your barbeque skills, you need the proper equipment and tools. A long handled pair of tongs to keep your arms away from the hot grill are essential, and a temperature probe is also be required, especially for outdoor cooking as it is harder to tell meat is cooked through.

Of course, you also need the equipment and might be in need of an upgrade. Take a look at our grills and hog roast spits for sale. Having good quality equipment can make all the difference to a successful barbeque, and it will also last for longer, meaning you know you will be enjoying barbeques for years to come!

Prepare in Time
Preparation can make all the difference when it comes to cooking for a large number of people. Having a burger and sausage per person, and a good assortment of steaks and chops is a good idea for where to start. If you overdo it, have freezer space ready for leftovers; steaks and chops keep well, burgers and fish don’t so try to use them up. Once you have the meat, it needs marinating for some flavour. Marinate overnight – we have some excellent choices for homemade sauces and marinades – so the meat has the fullest flavour. You may want to leave some aside un-marinated if people like it unseasoned.

It’s not just the meat you need to prepare – get the condiments, sauces and sides ready too! Cold meats, cheese, chips and salads are all popular for barbeques, and you may find you have vegetarians among your guests you need to cater for.

Avoid Fridge Chill
Before you put the meat or fish onto the barbeque, take it out of the fridge at least 20 minutes beforehand, so it loses its chill. Putting the meat on the grill when it is too cold could burn the outside before it is cooked in the centre. This is important for white meats such as chicken and pork especially. Burgers should also be defrosted before putting them on the grill so they will be cooked to the centre.

Charcoal Choice
Getting the right charcoal for your barbeque is important, especially when cooking a variety of meats. Lump charcoal burns for an hour while briquettes burn for three hours, making it good for roasting joints. Charcoal can add flavour to your meat too; charcoal from oak trees can give subtle smoky caramel flavour, and charcoal from orange wood has a marmalade flavour that is great for bird meat. You can also add hickory wood chips for a smoky taste or apple wood to try something sweeter.

Test and Rest the Meat
Before serving out the meat, test it to ensure it is cooked through. It can be hard to tell if the meat is cooked properly on a barbeque from look alone. Cut into the chicken and pork and check whether the juices run clear, or use your temperature probe.

Along with testing the meat is properly cooked through, you should rest it for a few minutes before eating. This allows it to reabsorb the juices and becomes more tender. Keep it warm by placing it on a tray, cover with foil and place away from the direct heat of the barbeque. Bigger cuts should be rested for longer.

Be Prepared for a Change in Weather
British barbeques can’t always rely on the weather, so be prepared for a sudden change in the weather is a good idea. Have griddle pans and the oven prepared in the event of a rain shower so that the barbeque vibes can continue!

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