Healthy Grilling Tips & Tricks

Summer BBQs are a great time for all the family and whilst it can be very tempting to indulge in rich sauce smothered joints and sides, there are ways to make your grilling experience healthier (whilst remaining delicious!)

Barbecuing adds so much flavour through the smoke and searing of the food that it is easy to maintain a yummy flavour without overdoing it. Read on to find out how to make the most of healthy grilling:



Opt for a light starter
Rather than sticking with crisps and dips, venture into the world of starters cooked on your very own grill. Bruschetta with grilled tomato, olive oil and herbs is a wonderful alternative which will satisfy your guests without taking up too much space for the main course! You could create some vegetable skewers (think aubergine, peppers, mushrooms, etc) infused with herbs and marinade to give a little extra taste. Again, this is a light option to keep your guests occupied whilst you focus on preparing the main.

Keep it colourful

Grill some summer vegetables to fill your guests’ plates with colour. You can present them as a main course or as a sumptuous side to a lighter option of prawns or grilled fish. Try grilling lemon halves until caramelised and squeeze them over your veg, or add some onions for a pop of flavour.

Use herbs and oils – but choose wisely!

Marinades do not have to be fatty or sugary to taste great. Barbecuing should speak for itself and does not require a complex sauce to compliment this. Stick to the basics: olive oil, lemon juice, chilli, salt, balsamic vinegar and herbs such as rosemary.

Be more selective

Swap out processed meat bought at the supermarket for locally sourced beef or pork from your local butcher. If you choose to prepare your meat alongside salad and veg, create a homemade marinade to rub into the meat which keeps things healthy and delicious.

Fish is a fantastic healthy alternative, wild trout or salmon is the perfect addition to the barbecue as they have many benefits. Dice up some pineapple, add a little chilli and prepare for gorgeous flavour!

With a little pre-planning and thinking outside the box, you can create delicious healthy grilled foods so you can eat to your hearts content without the guilt of indulging in fatty BBQ food.

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