Pro Smoke BBQ Fuel Dome – With Organic Starters


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Product Description

Pro Smoke BBQPro Smoke BBQ

The ProSmoke BBQ fuel dome is a must have gadget for your kettle BBQ, it’s unique shape and design will change the way you cook forever, there isn’t one BBQ item with this many cooking options.

Our pack with custom box design is everything you need to get started:

1 BBQ Fuel Dome that fits all Weber BBQ’s measuring 47cm and up, but NOT Weber Compact or Smokey Joe modelsFits All big green eggs and Kamado ceramic BBQ’s1 Sample Pack Of natural firelighters includedMade from high grade brushed stainless steel and comes in a custom printed pro smoke boxThe height of our dome is 120mm – Please measure between your BBQ grates to check it fitsThe perfect gift for any avid BBQ’er in your family

Fire Starting DomeFire Starting Dome

Be Ready To Cook In Minutes

Once placed on the bottom grate of your BBQ, fill with your choice of lumpwood charcoal or briquettes, mount 2 of our natural fire lighters in the middle and carefully light them, leave the lid off until you get white coals, install the cooking grate and you’re set.

The vortex effect of the air being pulled through the dome will start your coals extremely quickly, white hot coals can be ready to cook within 15 minutes.

Wood Chunk Placement

Wood chunks are a very important part of BBQ, they are designed to gently flavour your food as it cooks, due to charcoal having a very neutral smell and taste. The fuel dome will always ensure full combustion as it provides so much heat, so go grab some wood chunks from our shop (pecan is amazing for most foods, our favorite) place it over the direct heat zone and watch the blue smoke roll as you cook, BBQ lid on as always.

Indirect BBQ Cooking Fuel Dome VortexIndirect BBQ Cooking Fuel Dome Vortex

Indirect cooking on your BBQ has never been easier

The unique thing about indirect cooking is the flame never touches your food, and our fuel domes shape funnels heat right into the lid of your BBQ, it then bounces back down onto the food, this means you can get extremely high heat without burning anything.

By leaving the lid on your BBQ you create a fan oven style environment, chicken is one of the most popular things cooked with the BBQ fuel dome, as it’s tricky to get perfect bite through skin consistently, but no more, the BBQ fuel dome will get you perfect golden crispy skin every-time.

This mode can also turn your BBQ into a low and slow smoker, simply close down the vents on your BBQ by half, this will limit the airflow and drop the temperature.

Vortex BBQ Fuel Dome Steak SearingVortex BBQ Fuel Dome Steak Searing


Grilling thick cuts of meat is also possible, for example, you have a thick steak or pork chop you want to cook to a perfect medium rare and you want to sear the outside, no problems! please your meat to the indirect zone on the outer of the dome, bring it close to your required internal temperature and then place it directly over the dome for it’s sear, you will get an steakhouse searing temperatures right away, it will only take a minute each side, by having 2 heat zones on 1 surface the possibilities are endless.

BBQ fuel dome whole beer can chickenBBQ fuel dome whole beer can chicken

Beer Can Chicken or Christmas Turkey

Why not place the dome up the other way, spread a chimney of coals round the outside and mount a beer can chicken in the middle, now you’ve swapped the indirect zones.

This is also a popular way to cook turkeys at Christmas, but you will end up hosting Christmas every year after cooking a whole turkey on a BBQ for your family, trust us, it’s that good!

Extras In This Pack

Flamers Sample packFlamers Sample pack

Custom box for gifts, fathers day or birthday Custom box for gifts, fathers day or birthday

links to all our resources in every packlinks to all our resources in every pack

Natural Starters In Every Pack

We include a sample pack of natural firestarters with every pack, these really are the best coal starters you can buy, these are wood shavings dipped in wax, that’s it! they burn clean and won’t pollute your cooker or food with any chemicals.

Packs of 200 are available from our shop.

The Perfect Gift For The BBQ’er In Your Life

Our Vortex BBQ Fuel Dome is the perfect gift, so each pack comes in a custom designed box.

A Thanks You From Us

A card in every box showing you different ways to get the most out of your new purchase.

Fits All big green eggs and Kamado ceramic BBQ’s
Natural firelighters included
Made from high grade brushed stainless steel and comes in a custom printed pro smoke box
The height of our dome is 120mm – Please measure between your BBQ grates to check it fits

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Pro Smoke BBQ Fuel Dome – With Organic Starters

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