Pro Smoke 1.5 Litre Alder, Beech and Cherry Premium Blend BBQ Wood Chips


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Pro Smoke BBQPro Smoke BBQ

Wood chips have always been a quick and easy way of adding smoke flavour to your food, they ignite quickly and can be applied in many ways, which we will detail within this listing.

Our chips are all clean and dried for perfect smoke flavour every time, no matter your chosen method. We use them in virtually every cook, with or without our wood chunks, we find they are the most versatile method for adding smoke.

Our chips are always blended with different wood flavours to give you balanced tasting wood smoke, we find pairing sweet flavour with stronger woods to balance out the smoke profile the best way to go, so in our shop you will find the following wood blends:

Apple and Hickory – Pairs well with, beef, pork, or Christmas turkeyOak, Cherry, Hazelnut – Pairs well with beef, lamb and poultryAlder, Beech and Cherry – Pairs well with vegetables, and poultry

We find single flavour wood chips can be hard to balance the Smokey taste, so we asked many experienced pit masters to tell us their chosen experienced wood combinations to help us come up the blends above.

Kamado Joe SmokeKamado Joe Smoke

Ceramic Cookers

Ceramic cookers typically run with very slow airflow, this is how they are so heat efficient.

But the problem this posses with using large wood chunks is they don’t often fully ignite and give you what we call ”clean blue smoke”. Chips however work perfectly in these cookers, simply skater them through your charcoal pile and let them ignite as the fire burns. If it’s a long cook you can even soak them in water for an hour.

Weber Kettle SmokingWeber Kettle Smoking

Kettle BBQ’s

Much like ceramic cookers you can slow the air flow down on a kettle BBQ for slow cooking, so why not try soaking a few woods chips and place them in sections along you ”snake”, this will get you a controlled smoke release on a long cook.

The ”Snake Method” is where you place your coals in a line and light one end like a fuse, this will burn in a controlled manor though the cook, giving you many hours before a refuel is needed.

Wood Chips For GrillingWood Chips For Grilling

Grilling With Chips

Want to add a quick bit of smoke to your sausages, burgers or steak, why not throw a handful of chips on the coals and close the lid, it only takes a couple of minutes to impart a lovely Smokey flavour to food.

Smoke Tube FOr Pellet Smokers and GasSmoke Tube FOr Pellet Smokers and Gas

Smoking Tubes and Boxes

Smoke boxes and tubes are another method of using wood chips, they can be filled up with wood chips and placed over the heat source, this will gently heat the chips and add smoke flavour on cookers that are not designed to produce Smokey food, like a gas BBQ or pellet smoker.

Extremely clean and mould free chips
For Smoking Poultry, Pork or Fish
No additives
100% British Organic and sustainably sourced chips

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Pro Smoke 1.5 Litre Alder, Beech and Cherry Premium Blend BBQ Wood Chips

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