Pro-Kleen 3 x 1 Litre Barbecue Blitz Cleaner, BBQ Degreaser Removes Fats and Oils From Grills (INCLUDES 6 BAGS)


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Pro-Kleen BBQ Blitz
Barbecues are notoriously hard to clean. With the amount of oil, fat and grease that clings to the grids, there’s no wonder most people leave their barbecues uncleaned for the majority of the summer. That’s why this Pro-Kleen BBQ Blitz is the perfect solution, giving you excellent results, without the hassle of trying to scrub away the hardened grease!

Providing excellent value for money, this Pro-Kleen BBQ Blitz will give you up to 12 uses! The extra strength formula is super concentrated, allowing a small amount of the solution to go a long way.

Once applied, the solution will immediately start to remove that hardened grease and fat residue, breaking down the substance and revealing a clean and sparkling new grill underneath.

The pack contains 6 grip seal bags and 1 pair of gloves for your safety. The bags provided are large enough to fit most shelves and racks into them, making this product suitable for almost every barbecue and oven.

How to Use:
1.Making sure that you do not tear or damage the grip seal bag, place the item you wish to be cleaned into either of the lower corners.
2.Wearing the gloves provide, add 250ml of Barbecue Blitz into the bag and gently seal the bag shut. Once sealed, wrap the top of the bag around the tray and start to rotate the bag so that the tray or grill is equally coated with the solution.
3.Once adequately coated, leave the bag to sit for 2 hours. After 2 hours, rotate the bag again and then leave for a further 4 hours (or ideally overnight).
4.Wearing the gloves again, take the grill or tray out of the bag and dispose of the bag and the used solution immediately.
5.Simply rinse the cleaned tray or grill with warm soapy water to reveal your new, clean and shiny grill or tray ready for your barbecue or oven!

Because this formula is super concentrated, you can get up to 12 treatments out of three 1L bottles! Your pack includes 6 grip seal bags and 1 pair of gloves. It also contains more active ingredient than most other brands!
Barbecue Blitz can be used on the BBQ racks and also ovens on the majority of stainless steel shelves or enamel surfaces on ovens, oven racks
Frequent use of Barbecue Blitz Cleaner keeps your prolongs the life and effectiveness of your appliances by keeping them free from grease, oil and carbon build up, Just add 250ml of the solution into the bag with the racks or shelves
6 full size grip seal bags included (W 540mm X L 750mm) – big enough to fit most shelves and racks + Pair of gloves, Unique bag system and super powerful all-in-one solution has been designed to give you the best results with minimum effort – transforming even the dirtiest racks and grills to leave your oven gleaming

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Pro-Kleen 3 x 1 Litre Barbecue Blitz Cleaner, BBQ Degreaser Removes Fats and Oils From Grills (INCLUDES 6 BAGS)

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