Grillbot Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot Replacement Brushes – Choose from Stainless Steel, Nylon or Brass (Brass)


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Product Description

Clean grill = Delicious cookouts!

Grillbot actually makes your food taste better!

If your grill grates are covered in marinade splatter, burger grease and charred leftover chunks from last week’s cookout, a good cleaning will not only help your barbecue function better but improve the flavor of your food as well. Let Grillbot do the work and enjoy better tasting food!


A Revolutionary Way to Clean Your Grill

Take the grunt work out of cleaning your grill! No more scrubbing and wasting time, say goodbye to your old grill brushes and say hello to innovation!

It’s time to change the way you clean your grill!

Prevent future build up and rustImprove the taste of your foodMaintain your grill grates in top-notch condition


Compact & Lightweight

The Grillbot can be placed on the grill grate whether it is hot or cold – just turn it on, close the lid, and enjoy the time with your family.


Powerful Grill Cleaning

Grillbot has three powerful electric motors and strong brushes guaranteed to face any challenge and expertly remove dirt and grime your grill.

hand on bothand on bot

Easy to Operate

The Grillbot is fully automated & easy to operate with a push of a button. Features LCD timer display, alarm and automatic shut off for easy cleaning.


Perfect BBQ Gift

The perfect gift for any barbecue and grilling enthusiast, family member, or friend. Whether for a birthday, housewarming, or any occasion!

Red Grill

Make Your Life Easier

Grillbot is here to get you the time and freedom to enjoy BBQ with your friends and family without worrying about the clean up.

Black GB

Only for Grills with Lips & Lids

The Grillbot is only compatible with grills that have lids or tall edges.


The Right Brush for Your Grill

Grillbot has the right brushes for all grill and grate types! Choose what works best for your grill!

Does Grillbot work with open-flamed grills (non covered/lidded)

Unfortunately, Grillbot is only for lidded grills. It is not compatible with a lidless grill

Will a Grillbot make my old used barbecue grill look like new?

No, Grillbot is designed to clean your grill over time while still maintaining flavor. The more you use it, the better it cleans!

What happens if I forgot to turn off the flames or it gets too hot?

Grillbot has a built-in sensor that will sound an alarm and shut down if grill is too hot. Wait for it to cool before running again. Grillbot is designed to be used on grill grates 250 degrees and below.

Will the Grillbot work on my infra-red, green egg, wrought iron, metal, gas, charcoal etc etc.. grill?

Yes, Grillbot works on all types of grills that have a lid. The lid is the key here!

Will Grillbot scratch or damage my very expensive grill?

Like a hand brush, grillbot will eventually remove some of the protected coating over time. You can reduce this by using a de-greaser first and not over-using Grillbot!

Choose Your Grillbot! Choose Your Accessories


Grill Cleaning Robot

Carry case for Grillbot

Replacement Brass Brushes

Replacement SS Brushes

REplacement Nylon Brushes


Cleans Grill Grates

Case for on-the-go

For Steel or Porcelain Grills

For Cast Iron or Steel Grills

For All Grill Types

Exclusively for Grillbot

Fits all Grillbots

For Lidded Grills Only

DURABLE NYLON, BRASS & SS BRUSHES IDEAL FOR ALL GRILL TYPES – Choose from nylon, brass, or stainless-steel brushes so you can test what works best for your grill without harming the surface of your grates. Brushes need to be replaced after 50 uses.
PROTECT YOUR GRILL FROM RUST & GREASE AND DIRT- Prevent rust and dirt from old BBQ session from getting into the food and ruining the taste. Get rid of carbon that often collect grease and sugary sauces and may cause your grill to heat unevenly.
ROTATING GRILL BRUSH DESIGNED FOR POWERFUL CLEANING – The brushes’ spiral shape helps break away at the toughest of dirt and grime. This unique design ensures that every brush is fast and effective – keeping your grill spotless with little effort on your part! Simply use and replace when needed for a clean grill.
EASY TO CLEAN AND SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN REMOVABL BRUSHES FOR THE GRILLBOT- Simply detach the brushes from your Grillbot and toss them into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. They will not rust or degenerate. These brushes are of premium quality and extremely effective on all types of grill grates.

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Grillbot Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot Replacement Brushes – Choose from Stainless Steel, Nylon or Brass (Brass)

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