grillart Premium BBQ Smoking Chips XL Mix Set of 3 for a special smoking aroma – very smoky woodchips/smoking wood


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Product Description

Get to know the special aroma of these smoking chips. An unforgettable barbecue taste and a special surprise for your guests at a grill evening is guaranteed. The Woodchips are made of high-quality tree wood from the Austrian Alps and are therefore of certified, excellent quality, offering a beautiful aroma. Why smoking chips: – These high-quality BBQ smoking chips provide a special aroma when the smoke develops and therefore produce an unforgettably amazing taste – The meat gets a very special flavour when smoked.


smoking chipssmoking chips

Would you like to enjoy a special aroma?

This unique taste is exactly what you will experience when using grillart’s smoking chips. You can choose between sweet and fruity or very typically strong, woody tastes.

Beech smoking chips produce this woody aroma specifically, which goes best with fish and poultry.

The apple smoking chips provide for a sweet and fruity aroma, which is especially suitable when making vegetables, meat and fish.

The cherry smoking chips have a very special aroma, which can be described as mild fruity. This harmonises ideally with light meat and fish.

The hickory type has a smoky aroma, which is best suited for lamb, beef, pork and ribs.

grillart smoking chips woodchipsgrillart smoking chips woodchips

Advantage pack – Set of 3

By buying this set of 3 you can try 3 types of the woodchips and thus immediately decide which aroma you like the most.

grillart smoking chips woodchipsgrillart smoking chips woodchips

Particularly smoke-active

In order for the chips to not burn directly, we use a sieve to ensure that they are completely free of wooden chips that are too small in size. Soak the chips in water for approximately 30 minutes, that way even more smoke is produced.

grillart smoking chips woodchipsgrillart smoking chips woodchips

Ideal size of the chips

We made it our task to find and use the ideal size. It is only possible to ensure a good and long smoke development, if the size of the woodchips is adequate.



Since it is extremely rare that one uses the entire bag of 750g in one sitting, the woodchips are supplied in a sealed bag which is resealable. This way you can easily store the bag after each use.

Instructions included

One the back of the bag you can find short instructions on what you need to look out for when using the woodchips, in order to achieve the best taste possible.

Soak the woodchips in water about 30-45 minutes before smoking, that way the woodchips will last longer, and smoke development will be increased. If you are using a gas grill, once you have soaked the BBQ smoking chips, place them in a smoking box and position them above the burner.

If you are using a charcoal grill, simply place the chips on the glowing coals.




Premium Quality

Describe your products in 3 words.

Quality with passion

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Since we, at grillart, are passionate about grilling ourselves, we come across products in need of improvement time and time again. This is exactly what happened with woodchips. We bought woodchips from another supplier that did not meet our expectations. Via our contacts to Austrian farmers and small entrepreneurs, we were able to get our hands on woodchips and given the opportunity to try them ourselves. We were that enthusiastic about the quality and the flavour of these, that we felt obliged to include these high-quality BBQ smoking chips in our assortment.

What makes your product special?

The amazing taste and special aroma of these woodchips is unparalleled. When receiving the packet you will already be able to tell that it contains our woodchips. The hand-picked smoking chips of optimal size stand for very high quality of woodchips.

What has been the best part of your experience?

An evaluation of a customer, who thanked us and stated that these are the best smoking chips he had ever used. This is especially flattering considering that this customer had an experience of over 10 years.

EXTENSIVE BURNING TIME: The smoking wood is dried for a long time in order to retain a very low residual moisture. For this reason, the smoke chips are very efficient in their use
100% NATURAL WOOD FROM THE ALPES: the grillart smoke chips are made of trees from the Austrian Alpes, without the addition of any additives. You are buying 100% pure tree wood, creating a unique smoky taste
SUITABLE FOR EVERY BARBECUE: The woodchips are perfectly suitable for every type of barbecue, such as charcoal grills, smokers, kettle grills, electric grills and gas grills, from brands such as for instance Rösle, Weber, Landmann or Napoleon
EASY TO USE: The BBQ woodchips are supplied in a practical resealable bag. This allows you to easily stow them away after use. The woodchips are 100% tested and certified premium quality!

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grillart Premium BBQ Smoking Chips XL Mix Set of 3 for a special smoking aroma – very smoky woodchips/smoking wood

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