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Compressed Logs – Normandy Beech Briquettes
Beech Briquettes – Compressed logs are fantastic for so many reasons, they are made from wood flour created from sawmills. They are formed into a log with no additives and squeezed under pressure to bind them together under high pressure resulting in a perfect log that lasts for ages.
Stackable Boxes for Easy Storage
Each Box measures 30cm*27cm*20cm and weighs 12kg. Inside each box consists of 6 compressed logs that weigh 2kg each.
Are These Smokeless
Everything that you burn will have some smoke, however, these compressed logs are very dry and produce a lot less smoke than logs and other fuels. If you are burning in a wood burner stove then and you notice these are smoking then you should check your air vent settings on your stove and increase the airflow for best performance.
Lighting Instructions
Break the Briquette into 2-3 pieces Place two firelighters in between the briquette pieces Light the firelighters using matches or a lighter Wait for a few minutes until the briquettes have flamed When the fire is established add more briquettes as required Best to light these with our natural firelighters, saving on the cost of kindling. If using these briquettes as night logs then they are best left whole as they will last longer.
Product Details:

  • 100% Natural, Compressed Beech Sawdust
  • Each briquette log is the same as 3 kiln dried logs
  • Designed for use in Pizza Ovens & Stoves
  • Produce more heat than logs and cost effective
  • Briquettes are clean, efficient and have an ash content of only 0.5%
  • Suitable for Stoves, Fireplaces, Firepits, Pizza Ovens.

✅ Better Value Than Kiln Dried Logs: Each Briquette is Equivalent 3 Kiln Dried Logs, (better value than wood logs) Can be used alone or in conjunction to kiln dried or seasoned firewood. Good when used as night briquettes. Our Heat Logs are perfect for wood burning stoves and log burners.
✅ 8% Moisture Content:100% Beech, Maximum 8% Moisture Content and very dry, Made from recycled wood flour, saving landfill waste, Eco Friendly and efficient. Great alternative to peat briquettes.
✅ Perfect for: Out Door and Indoor Pizza Ovens & Wood Burner Stoves, Log Burners Multi fuel stoves, Open Fires, Fire pits.

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Eco Friendly Fuel

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