Smash Burgers On The Griddle – Epic Burger Press

Epic Smash Burgers

Cooking Smash Burgers on the griddle is one of my favourite ways to cook a cheeseburger, you get a nice crispy crust and because they are cooked so quickly you get a lovely juicy burger still.

I love them so much, I had my own custom smash burger press made, (it cooks awesome tortillas too) you simply place a ball of your mince, chuck twice ground on medium, chuck a little coarse sea salt and black pepper on top, and then smash away with the press.

The press needs to be good and hot, and i’m lucky my press has a top plate that sears on top, it takes literally seconds, you then load up the patty with a slice of cheese. I went for a triple smash burger, and loaded up with a good bbq sauce, pickles and loaded up in a demi brioche bun.

It was all very tasty. Make sure to check out the video of the full cook below..

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