A love of BBQ – My outdoor cooking story


Ok it must be pretty clear to you all now, that I love BBQ and cooking outdoors, but why?

Here I answer a few questions about what it is specifically that I love about cooking outdoors. Many of us love a BBQ, it brings our family and friends together for a celebration of life, especially in the summer months, possibly the only other time this happens is at Christmas, and that’s only once a year.

I often ask myself, why I do what I do, what is it about cooking outdoors that drives my passion, I guess it’s the simplicity, the honesty, and there’s something that only cooking food with fire and smoke can satiate in me. I was always brought up with a real wood fire as the centre of the home, I remember the smell of the wood as it burnt, the crackle when you add new wood. Cooking food in the embers as a family, all sat round, feeling warm and cosy.

Fire has always had a central part of my life, and cooking on it now is my passion.

I hope you enjoy the video.


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