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tandoor BBQ chicken

Tandoor BBQ chicken

Tandoor Chicken on the BBQ

The great thing about BBQ cooking outdoors is that you can use inspiration from all around the globe, and mix and match ideas as you see fit, it’s great for experimentation, and cooking on the BBQ makes it even better. I love curries and Indian food, the heady mix of spice, the flavours are intensified when cooked over charcoal, and you get the lovely charring a feature of tandoor cooking.

I’m a big fan of the food of The Curry Guy and have been constantly inspired by his wonderful Indian recipes, I had a whole chicken that I had spatchcocked, (a great way to cook a  whole chicken), so I thought it would be perfect in this Tandoori BBQ chicken recipe.

Curry Guy Tandoor

tandoor chicken

Tandoor chicken

I opted for The Curry Guys Tandoor Paste which was easy to whip up, I didn’t use the optional red colour though. This is such a well spiced paste, I smeared it all over the chicken and then left uncovered in the fridge, to allow the flavours to penetrate the meat. Drying the skin in the fridge also gives best chance for crispy skin, instead of the rubbery skin often found with BBQ chicken.

Fire up the BBQ

I set up my ceramic Kamado Joe for modified direct cooking, ie. no hot plate about 8-10″ above a medium hot charcoal grill. This allows for roasting to crisp the skin, whithout overdoing the charring and allowing to cook through, the juices drip onto the coals and add to the smokiness.

The chicken took around an hour and a half, and was turned occasionally, crisping up the skin and cooking though to around 70 degC. I served mine with Pilau rice and naan bread, the skin of the tanddori BBQ chicken was so crisp, spicy and smoky, it went down well with an ice cold beer.

Tandoor BBQ Chicken

Tandoor BBQ Chicken


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