Honey Hot Smoked Salmon Collars

hot smoked salmon collars

Hot smoked salmon collars

Salmon Offcuts

When you fillet a whole salmon, the collar is often left behind, it’s the gill cover and pectoral fins, it’s a wonderfully rich fatty piece, with a lovely delicate taste and texture, highly prized in Asia, and especially Japan (they know a thing or two about fish there). In the West, they often go to waste along with the head, well I’m going to show you that they are something worth treating very well. There’s not a huge amount of meat on them, but what is there is exceptional.

Once I had filleted out my 2 salmon, I cut out the collars, ask your fishmonger if they have any if you prefer. I dry cured my collars with a 50/50 mix of demerara sugar and coarse sea salt, and vac packed. I’ve recently discovered the joys of vac packing, and find it a great way to keep everything tidy during the curing stage of smoking fish.

Salmon collars

Salmon collars

I dry cured for 24 hours in the fridge, and rinsed off the cure, and left on a plate uncovered for 24 hours for a pellicle (sticky layer) to form which allows the smoke to adhere.

I then smoked at 80 degC for 2 hours in the Bradley Hot smoker, before brushing a couple of times with warmed up honey to form a glaze, and smoked for another hour for the glaze to set. The results are incredibly moist, smoky and sweet nuggets of fishy pleasure. Remember you can easily hot smoke with great results on a BBQ with a lid, see my videos on hot smoking.

I also gave the same treatment to a couple of beautiful thick fillets.

hot smoked salmon

hot smoked salmon

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