Hanging Smoked leg of lamb

Smoked leg of lamb

I’m always very careful when I smoke lamb, and a beautiful leg of salt marsh lamb like this from Rogers & Son really needed a delicate lick of gentle smoke, nothing overpowering here in this smoked leg of lamb. I had a great day cooking with Oli Woolnough of Rogers & Son who brought along this leg of lamb for us to have a play with, and I’d wanted to cook like this for a while. We had a nice relaxing afternoon planned of cooking and enjoying some quality red wine, so wanted a nice easy cook, and firepit cooking is one of the most relaxed.

Smoked leg of lamb

I rigged up a tripod over the Kadai Firebowl, and used the chain and hook that came with it to hang over a gently smouldering silver birch fire. This way of cooking is very laid back and you get a nice gentle heat and a wisp of smoke, perfect for this delicate subtle lamb. I seasoned the lamb as it cooked with a salt water brine or salmuera, you basically add salt to warm water until it becomes saturated, allow to cool and pop in a small water bottle, you can then flick this over the meat as it cooks, and you end up with a lovely salty crust. The lamb was cooked to around 60 degC which took 4ish hours, to be honest we lost track of the time as the wine flowed….

Smoked leg of lamb

At this point we were getting hungry, so we carved off nice thick juicy slices, the smoke and salmuera had formed a lovely slightly smoky crust on the outside and the lamb was lovely and pink and juicy inside, a real treat.

Here’s the video we made of this beautiful smoked leg of lamb, hope you enjoy it! If you haven’t yet subscribed to my CountryWoodSmoke YouTube Channel then please take a second to do so…

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