BBQ and Catering Trends to watch out for in 2018!

A new year brings new trends, and there a few that are barbeque and catering-themed to get excited about for 2018. People are more in tune with food than before and, with a rise of cooking and baking shows on TV, and consumers are eating differently to how they were even a couple of years ago. Knowing the consumer needs helps inform the trends that are to come.





Global Fusion

Barbeque techniques are changing, bringing in ideas from all over the world. This is leading to a melting pot of flavours and recipes, with traditional barbeque meeting cuisines from across the globe. Creating a fusion barbeque with a variety of flavours and cuisines adds a new spin to a cookout, and also allows you to cater to more tastes and dietary requirements. The globalisation of food has also come about due to easier travel and wanting to replicate fantastic food on home soil. Chefs are growing, and cooking ingredients that are more typical of exotic cuisines, with geographical barriers falling down.

Thinner Steak

For many years, it has been the case of bigger is better when it comes to meat; bricks of fillet, porterhouses that cover the plate, so it may be a surprise to see that thinner cut steaks are becoming all the rage. Thinner cuts have many advantages including marinating and cooking faster, a better ratio of flavourings to meat. Thin cuts also expose more meat to the heat of the grill, which results in a savoury exterior. Those acquainted with Korean or Japanese grills will know the merits of thin steaks already. Another bonus for caterers of a thinner steak or chop is they cost less per serving.

Pork Steak

Any fan of grilling will appreciate a good pork shoulder and cut it crosswise into half an inch thick to give you a pork shoulder steak. The marbling and tender meat is moister than a pork chop and costs less. Pork steaks are great at absorbing the marinades and smoke but can be hard to get a hold of them in some places. Talk to your butcher if you want to get a cut.

Hasselback Potatoes

While Hasselback potatoes are not new, these are becoming more and more popular, especially for the grill. The crispy, buttery and cheesy roasted potatoes originate from Sweden but, by adding hardwood chips to the grill when cooking them, gives the potatoes a delightful smoky flavour.


Meat-free dining is becoming a lifestyle choice for several health and environmentally consumers and is something they dip in and out of, which has led to more vegetable-centric trends. Veg-centric cooking has been around for a while, but with a rise of ‘flexitarians’ and vegans, vegetable options in dining out and catering are becoming more prominent. Combine the veg-centric with the global cuisine influence, and you have some tasty meals to cook up!

Local Beer and Wine

The younger millennial generation dines out more, and also read the package labels more than older generations. This, in turn, has led to a rise in buying local food and drink, particularly beer and wine. Though craft beers, ales and ciders have been around for decades, their popularity is soaring due to more environmentally conscious consumers. Selling local beers and wines is a great idea for caterers, who already poses the ‘local’ feeling, and consumers are more likely to warm to paying for a locally sourced drink.

Food on the Go

On-the-go food is a trend that is expected to evolve and blow up wider in 2018 and is an opportunity hospitality and catering businesses don’t want to miss. For the busy working climate the UK has, on-the-go food is a fantastic trend to get on board with, and while the sandwich is a favourite lunchtime choice, there is room for doing something different, that also fits into the fast-paced lifestyle of the majority of consumers.

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