Review – ProSmoke Forged Pig Tail Flipper

I recently ordered a forged pig tail flipper from ProSmoke. I’m always on the lookout for tools that make cooking life easier, or that move away from the barbecue standards of tongs and spatula. They have their place, but can be a little boring and a pig tail flipper isn’t something you see often in the UK.

The forged metal makes a nice change from stainless steel and wood variants I’ve seen before, this version looks like it belongs in proximity to fire. The flipper is about 30cm long which is long enough to keep you away from the heat of the coals but not so much you feel like you’re going to end up throwing a steak across the garden.

You can use a pig tail flipper to turn meat, move it around the barbecue and from barbecue to plate. It doesn’t take long to get comfortable with this tool, and it provides an alternative to tongs. If you’re doing a very large cook then this could definitely make you more efficient, but it’s a nice conversation starter for a backyard cook.

Where the flipper is likely to be most use is dipping and dunking chunks of meat into sauce before of during cooking. Whilst you can use gloves the pig tail will leave the very little visible markings.

Prosmoke Forged Pig Tail Flipper

The flipper has the benefit of not squeezing juices out of meats, and doesn’t leave any visible marks. The flipper is best left with meat though, and I’d stick to my tongs for vegetables or anything more delicate.

You don’t want to skewer the meat, use the flipper to spike a corner and then flick your wrist to quickly turn over. I gave this a thorough test while making some simple steaks and béarnaise sauce.

I think this is a great tool, especially in forged metal. I probably wouldn’t have looked twice if it was the usual stainless steel construction even with the ease of use it brings.

The only downside really here is the price. This isn’t a cheap tool, compared to stainless steel alternatives or a pear of tongs. It will however last for a long time, and is a seriously weighty piece of forged metal.

* Disclaimer: I may get commissions for purchases made through links on this page. I always try to be clear where I use a specific item, and don’t recommend anything I don’t use myself.

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