How to cook a chicken on the bbq

Using a digital thermometer such as a Meater + to cook chicken on the bbq makes it much less of a worry. Many people do worry about cooking chicken on the BBQ, not knowing when it’s ready, and cook indoors to the time on the pack, massively overcooking it. Are the juices running clear? It’s not easy..

However using a Meater to cook a chicken on the BBQ makes it easy, with great results of a juicy smoky chicken that’s perfectly cooked and safe for you to eat. Set up your BBQ to cook indirect with the lid on, and set up for 180-200c, the cook will take 40 to 60 minutes, but most important of all, the Meater will tell you when to take the chicken out of the BBQ, and how long to rest to ensure it’s perfectly cooked.

Here I cooked on the Weber Smokefire at 180c until the Meater said to take off the grill, then I allowed the chicken to rest, it had a wonderful smoke and crisp ski, was juicy and tender.

Check out the video below for the full method, it’s simpler thank you think…

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