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Chicken Porchetta (+Others!)

When I was ordering more chicken from Fosse Meadows farm I noticed the Chicken Porchetta. For a long time I have wanted to cook a Pork Porchetta but I had never seen a chicken porchetta before. It was on sale and there was a discount code to use. It was a sign, I had to buy one!

The Meat:

Chicken Porchetta from Fosse Meadows Farm. A whole chicken, deboned then stuffed with garlic, lemon, parsley, olive oil and fennel. It was down to £18.50 when I bought it.

chicken porchetta

The Prep:

No prep for the chicken, I just slotted the rotisserie skewer through it! In the Napoleon Pro 22 I filled two baskets with lit charcoal.

chicken porchetta

The Cook:

Chicken on top, charcoal to the sides and two small chunks of cherry wood added for a light smoky taste but a lot of colour! The grill was running hot at around 275F.

chicken porchetta

After around 50 minutes the chicken was probing over 70C. Time to come off and rest for a bit.

chicken porchetta

Time to Serve Up:

The Blenheim Forge Scimitar made short work of the chicken! A lot of juice came out of the meat and it smelt fantastic.

chicken porchetta

Time to Eat:

Whilst the rotisserie was doing it’s thing I had cooked Roast Potatoes, Leeks, Parsnips, Carrots and Green beans on the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825. I have been cooking Sunday roast on that grill a lot lately as it’s massive!

Minimal prep with all the veg:

  • Potatoes: Didn’t peel them, just cut them into smaller pieces, par-boiled them then roasted in rapeseed oil. Cooked indirect for 30 minutes then over direct heat for 10. I kept an eye on them closely at the end and flipped them regularly as they catch quickly on direct heat.
  • Parsnips: Didn’t peel them, didn’t par-boil them. Just chucked them in with the potatoes.
  • Carrots: Didn’t peel them, just top and tailed them then into rapeseed oil in a pan and cooked on the top shelf.
  • Leeks: Sliced then into a Petromax pan topped with butter.
  • Green Beans: Topped and tailed then into a tray on the top shelf, covered in oil.

Minimal prep required and the cook was fairly easy, I was able to cut the grass whilst it was all cooking!

chicken porchetta

I was so happy with how it all turned out, the board looked awesome as I put it in front of the family.


Loving Sunday Roasts lately and the 825 makes it easy to cook loads of veg which is good!


Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22 and Napoleon Prestige Pro 825
Cook Method: Charcoal over Rotisserie / Gas
Charcoal: Globaltic
Smoking Wood: Cherry
Cook temperature: 275°C
Cook time: 50 minutes
Internal temperature: 70°C
Notes: No major changes for this one

What else was cooking in the shack this week?

Steak and Chips:

Bavette from Butchery at Bowhouse.


Cooked direct on the Thuros T1






Sliced open, nice and pink. Super juicy!


Really enjoying steaks on a Monday night, it’s a nice treat after going back to work! The bavette was great, a little bit tougher than a “premium” steak but very tasted and great value.

Royal Venison Sheek Kavaab:

I am still working through the half a venison I got from Butchery at Bowhouse for £40. This dish was up next.

The venison had been diced so I minced it and added all the ingredients:

venison sheek kavaab

Formed it onto skewers – These are Thuros skewers off the T1, as they are flat the meat stays on them better than round skewers.

venison sheek kavaab

Cooked direct on the Napoleon Pro 22

venison sheek kavaab

Flipped part way

venison sheek kavaab

Served with rice and red onion.

venison sheek kavaab

This was a great dish, the kavaab was gently spiced with a little kick. Really enjoyed it!

This recipe is from the book Venison:

Goat Lahmacun:

I have cooked this before but I am working my way through the Goat cookbook again and I remembered this was an awesome dish!

Meat mixture ready to go

Goat Lahmacun

Part cooked in the Ooni Pro as it warmed up

Goat Lahmacun

Ash logs from Smokey Oak Barbecue, great quality and I love this photo!

Goat Lahmacun

I mucked the first two up as they stuck to the wooden peel. Quickly saved them by folding them over!

Goat Lahmacun

The third one came out well though.

Goat Lahmacun

What a great dish, super tasty and fun to cook too.

This recipe is from Goat:

Marinated steak with labneh, pul biber butter and crispy onions:

Not sure why this is last on the list as it was one of my favourite cooks this week!

Sirloin steak, cubed and mixed with the other ingredients then pan fried quickly.

steak labneh

Taking on some colour

steak labneh

Butter in then pul biber chilli.

steak labneh

Labneh is hard to find locally so we made some from yoghurt and salt in muslin left to hang over a bowl.

steak labneh

The crispy onions were good, I need to use those in a hot dog!

steak labneh

Another great recipe from Simply, loving this book!

This recipe is from Simply:

That’s it for this blog post, some great cooks and a good week of eating! Until next time.

The books used in these cooks and equipment I recommend can be seen in my Amazon Store:

amazon store



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