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While propane grills burn the cleanest out of all the grill fuels, wood pellets come in a close second. They burn more evenly and produce cleaner smoke than charcoal, so it is a healthier option for the planet.

Are pellet grills a healthier option for you also? There’s a lot of conflicting information about whether or not grilled or smoked food releases cancer-causing carcinogens; however, the research is still inconclusive.

We can be confident that as a cooking method that has been widely used since the days of our ancestors, cooking over a wood fire (in this case, inside your grill) won’t be the cause of humankind’s demise.

However, you should remember a few things while cooking on your pellet grill to reduce the risk of cancer-causing properties in your food.

Avoid burnt food build-up on your grill grates by cleaning them each time you use your grill.

Make sure you use the grill for cooking a variety of foods. If you’re eating hamburgers for every meal, your heart won’t be too happy. Use the grill as an opportunity to try new recipes and even cook fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients on the grill.

If you keep your pellet grill clean, if it helps you incorporate more variety in your diet, then you can safely say that a pellet grill is a healthy cooking alternative.

Here is a closer look at the health benefits of cooking on a pellet grill:

Are Pellet Grills Healthy? What You Need To Know Before You Buy

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