Kansas City Burnt Ends with Fergolicious BBQ

This week my buddy Richard Fergola from Fergolicious BBQ stopped by and showed me how to make his award-winning Kansas City Burnt Ends recipe.

Fergie started with just the point of the brisket – this makes it easier and faster than cooking the whole brisket. Of course, we cooked it on an Outlaw Smoker Stick Burner https://outlawpatio.com/

He seasoned it with his Fergolicious BBQ seasonings (you can check those out here: https://www.fergoliciousbbq.com/ ) and smoked it until he had the color he was looking for – then he wrapped up the point with some beef consume and Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce and kept cooking them until they were tender… but not so far that they were falling apart.

Next he took the point out of the wrap, cut it into delicious, bite-sized morsels and tossed them in a little more sauce before serving.

This Kansas City Style Brisket Burnt Ends Recipe is legit. This is a great recipe to cook burnt ends at home without having to cook a whole brisket to go with it!

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