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Weather fluctuations, coastal living, shelter, and durability considerations, and more…

It’s essential to consider the climate when planning and designing an outdoor kitchen. The climate you live in will affect your outdoor entertainment space’s design, materials, and season length.

If you live in an area with extreme temperature changes, you’ll want to avoid certain materials like tile and natural stone because they tend to crack. Also, PVC and non-stainless-steel materials are vulnerable to warping in extreme temperatures.

Coastal areas are often at risk for corrosion from seawater. Marine-grade 316 stainless steel and powder coat finishes ensure that your outdoor kitchen will hold up against the elements.

To give added comfort to your outdoor living space during extreme weather, you’ll want to include either fans or heaters and a roof or pergola for shelter so you can enjoy the area year-round.

The location of your kitchen will also affect how you design the layout. For example, you can plan around where your pool, spa, sitting area, or sports area is so you can mingle with guests while you cook.

A popular layout for outdoor kitchens in the Kitchen Triangle. It places your sink, cooking space, and refrigerator all within a few steps. One way to implement the triangle layout is to include an island in your floor plan.

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